Witch hazel needs new home

I have a smallish Witch Hazel tree that needs a new home in the early spring. I am unable to dig and move it on my own so whomever would like it FREE will have to do the heavy work.
I was thinking of donating it to the Filberg property but I’m not sure if they would be interested or who to contact regarding this. If anyone knows of someone please pass on this email.

Witch Hazel “Diane” Hamamaelis Intermedia. Blanketed in stunning fragrant red strap-like flowers with burgundy calyces along the branches from late winter to early spring before the leaves. This tree has a ground-hugging growth habit. The serrated round leaves turn an outstanding orange in the fall. Up to 15 ft tall and wide. Zone 5-9. Full sun/part shade. Prune only after it has flowered. Deer are not attracted to this tree.

Hi there,

Unfortunately I don’t have access to anyone from the Filberg, but I’d be willing to remove it and find a home for it at my house. I’d love a hamamelis. I likely wouldn’t be able to come for it until later in the fall and that’s probably just as well because the soil and conditions will be friendlier later with some rain. Let me know if that sounds ok!

Good morning Vanessa,
So happy to get your email and to have found a home for this lovely tree. Everything I’ve read said that moving it in the early spring would give it a better chance of survival as it would have finished blooming. Would you mind waiting until then or if that won’t fit into your gardening schedule we’ll work out other arrangements for this fall.
You can contact me at 778-585-1405