Witch Hazel in Jan/Feb in Comox

Enjoying the fragrance of my Witch Hazel


That’s a gorgeous specimen Connie. How old is it? I’d love to have one but don’t know if I have the space for it.

Wow. That is very cool. I don’t know much about Witch Hazel, and I did not know it grew as a tree. I will have to do some research on it. Thanks for sharing.

I planted one last year but it is really orange coloured. Didn’t know that they came in a yellow, so pretty! Do you take snips and bring them inside for the fragrance? Barb

Very pretty Connie. So nice to see it with the sun on it.


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Thanks Elizabeth! I love this plant, easy care and so fragrant. Highly recommend it for your garden. Slow growing at first.

There are a number of varities, some fragrant in yellow,red ( would love this one)orangy brown. all are beautiful

Witch hazel can be grown as tree or shrub. Mine was slw growing the first few years then took off. I removed many of the sucker growth.

I am not exactly sure when I planted it as a small plant but thinking around 20 or so years ago. It was slow growing for a number of years,now I will have to keep it pruned for the space. It is so fragrant and so cheery blooming in winter.
I haven’t cut any stems,just enjoy it outdoors.