Wildflower mix planting tips?

We would like to plant some wildflower seeds in a meadow around our fruit trees. Should we rototill the soil before we scatter the seeds, or can we scatter them and then cover with a light soil mix? Can I plant them now or wait till Spring? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Here is some info from Satinflower Nurseries (formerly Saanich Native Plants) that may be useful…


@Carolmcm i will chime in since you asked for any advice…I don’t know a lot! I planted a small wildflower area 3 years ago in the spring. I sowed seed on very poor soil (not rototilled) and covered it lightly with more soil. Then I made sure to keep it moist. Well, the area has exploded and every year puts on a beautiful display throughout the spring and summer. Wallflowers, lupine, daisies, sweet William, etc. (semi shade mix). Added bonus is they seem to survive on minimal water too. Sorry I can’t answer your question about fall sowing or rototilling. Good luck!

We learned the hard way. We did not prepare the surface in any way, ie., by either rototilling or removing the weeds by covering with plastic. We put the seeds down without covering with a bit of soil. And then we didn’t keep the area moist. We erroneously thought that with the number of seeds that we were scattering, something would come up. But, no, not one flower. Next time, I would prepare the surface, sow the seeds at the time dictated by the type of seed, cover with a bit of soil, and water regularly until established.

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That looks like an interesting nursery to visit when down Island. I’d never heard of them before!