What’s feasting on my Maple leaves

What is this bug and any suggestions how to stop them from eating every leaf in my 40 ft Maple?

winter moth larvae?

If so, there are some control strategies suggested here: Landscape: Winter Moth Identification & Management | Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment at UMass Amherst

Hello Nicholson family, I’m not sure but you may be able to find some information on Linda Gilkeson’s database of pests. I don’t know if you attended the last zoom meeting, just yesterday - very informative too, but there’s likely some information there to help you out.

Please don’t take this as glib answer, but whatever that caterpillar is is food for other animals. I’m not taking any measures this year to manage pests. In the end, they manage themselves. We need to be relaxed about damaged plants if we want our pollinators and food chain predators to survive. If you let them grow, the appropriate predator will arrive!