What is this that I dug up?

I am helping to clean up a tired perennial bed and dug these up. Any idea what they might be?

Wow. I am interested too!

It looks a bit like erythronium or arisaema but erythronium leaves are up now…

These are peony tubers, I discovered!

Now the question is … what depth to replant them and any other tips?


Hmm… I don’t think peony as peony ave large tubers and not those fine roots. I think more hosts. Maybe pot them up and see what you get, and if you have more than you need donated them to the CVHS Plant sale!

Have to say I agree with @comoxvalleyberry that they don’t look like peony tubers to me. Good idea to pot them, but if you don’t want to, I would plant them so that the tips of the shoots are just about to poke through the soil.

Hmmmm … Well when I google ‘peony tubers’ I get an image that matches what I dug up so I figured it was on track with ‘peony’. But I have taken your advice and potted them so wait and see the magic that happens! Thanks!

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They were Solomon Seal!!!