Welcoming Wheelbarrow

We asked the previous owners to please leave the wheelbarrow when we purchased our home almost two years ago…we just loved the rustic and welcoming look of it! It fit right in with the ‘farmy’ neighbourhood. Still learning what will survive here…I do believe it has become somewhat of a deer buffet. Geranium, pelargonium, fuschia and impatiens all have proven to be very tasty.


Very cool. I like the live edge address sign too! Do you plant flowers seasonally or do these self-seed?

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I didn’t notice the live edge! Thx for pointing out. Only the hellebore returns every year…oh and a geranium that I never see flower because the deer gets to it first. I plant everything else…really my only flower container so I feel justified!

Beautiful and inviting! A website was recommended to me (just possibly at one of our meetings) - Great Plant Picks for the Pacific Northwest. It even includes a list of plants that are deer resistant. https://www.greatplantpicks.org/plantlists/by_pest_resistance/deer.


Well that’s a nice long list! Should be able to find some pretty combinations for my planter there! Thx Linda!