Welcome to the CVHS forum

Our purpose is to provide education, resources and networking opportunities for gardeners in the Comox Valley. We are a down to earth group with a passion for gardening who want to learn, teach, share, help and inspire. Come here to ask questions, debate best practices, identify plants and build a community resource of local gardening knowledge.

The forum is open for viewing by the public, but you need to be a CVHS member to post. Membership is only $20 a year and comes with a range of great benefits. You can become a CVHS member here.

Getting started

:sunflower: Learn the basics

When you first join the forum you should find a message from ‘discobot’ waiting for you. You can access it by clicking your photo or avatar in the top right corner of the screen (or access all your messages here). If you follow the instructions in the message, you can start an interactive tutorial that will teach you about some of the forum functionality.

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Please take a moment to fill out your account and profile. Please try to use a username that fellow CVHS members will recognise. Bonus points if you upload a photo of yourself!

:email: Set email preferences

By default, the forum will email you a summary of activity once a day. You can turn this off, or change the frequency in your email preferences.

:house_with_garden: :leaves: :bug: Post anything

Feel free to start a topic about anything you like related to gardening or the CVHS.

Topics don’t have to fit in to a category, but if you’re posting a question please put it in the Q & A category, and if you’re sharing knowledge you could put it in the Tips & Tricks category.

Posts can be enhanced with pictures, links and videos embedded from places like YouTube.

:hugs: Be kind

Please be polite, constructive and supportive. Sometimes tone doesn’t come through in the written word, so give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re being friendly - they probably are! Even if you’re sure they’re not, take the high road. Let’s keep it classy!

Oh, and if you appreciate a topic or reply that someone posted make sure to let them know by hitting the :heart: button on their post.

:raised_hand: Ask for help

If you’re having trouble with the forum, moderators are here to help. You can get the attention of a moderator in a post by tagging with @moderators, or you can send us a private message by entering moderators as the user.