Weevil and leaf hopper control

Does any one have any tried and true solutions to control weevils around my new rhododendron- other than going out at night to nab them in the act? I also have lots of leafhoppers and wonder if there is a safe biological or chemical control for them? Thanks!

HI. I did a long post about my challenges with leaf hoppers. It may help you. I will try and do a link and see if that works.

I don’t know how to link my post to yours but the title of the post is “Thrips on my Hydrangea…Help!” - and no, it wasn’t thrips it was leafhoppers.

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Hi, Linda from Warwick Dahlias has a contraption made in .Nova Scotia, I think, that with a bit of beer in the bottom, traps them. For the leaf hoppers and rollers, there is a biological that’s supposed to be very safe. BTK. It certainly works on the rollers I get in my cherry. I got it at Art Knapp’s
Good luck

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Thanks so much- I am off to Art Knapp’s!