Water restrictions: Should I mow the lawn?

I’ve gotten quite behind on mowing the lawn. It’s not totally out of control though, growth has been pretty slow during the summer.

I was planning to finally mow it this week, but the CVRD has announced level 3 restrictions for basically the whole month of September, which means I won’t be able to water the lawn at all during that time. (BTW, my little patch of lawn is less than 400sqft and I have low flow sprinklers… so I don’t feel too bad about irrigating it when permitted)

I’m wondering, will the lawn survive September better if I leave it long and skip the mowing for now? Or will it be okay to give it a trim today as long as it gets a good water tomorrow?

Yes, it will stay green longer if you don’t mow it. Surviving is another matter - grass just goes dormant in the summer if not watered and then comes back again once it rains. If you mow and don’t water it might go brown but it’s not going to die. So, you can go either way with it I guess.

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Ah I didn’t realise it goes dormant, but that does explain a lot. Good to know!

Your grass looks beautiful. It is green and healthy now. Without watering the longer grass will use up your soil moisture faster than if it is mowed. I would recommend mowing for that reason, so that your soil water will last longer, then pray for September rains to keep the grass going. If not Kim is correct the grass will turn brown and go dormant till it does rain again or you can irrigate again. Another thing to note…if you do leave your grass long and it continues to grow, flower heads will emerge. When this happens the leaves stop growing so you want to mow before that happens, to keep your grass in a vegetative state as in a beautiful lawn.

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Great advice too, thanks!