Vermiculture (worm farming) workshop outcome

I attended a CVHS vermiculture workshop with Sonia and June near the end of 2018 and wanted to show the results a year and a bit later. Here’s a short video showing the outcome - a big population of worms producing rich, black compost to add to the garden.

If you get a chance to attend the workshop I’d recommend it. Alternately, here’s a video if you want to get started at home on your own:

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Interesting video. Now you got me thinking about worm composting when I should be working in the garden, Jono!! Seriously, though, with only two of us and only one liking veggies (not Ken), we don’t produce a lot of kitchen scraps, but I still want to compost. Maybe worm composting is in my future.

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Hello Jono, or anyone who can answer this question - I will watch the video tonight. Very interested. Where can you buy red wigglers in Comox Valley. I’ve just seen some for sale on Kijiji today - but in Nanoose. Hoping I might find some closer to Comox Valley. Thank you. Kathy Bruce

Hi @kathybruce not sure of a local seller but I can give you a small amount if you like. You would need to start slow that way though, since (according to this article) ideally you need 4 times more weight in worms than you create in food waste daily if you want to give all your scraps to your worms.

When we did the workshop the organisers gave us each a scoop of worm-filled scraps from their own bins to start us off, but that means you have to give them little bits of food at first and slowly work up to larger amounts as the population increases.

It looks like you can also buy worms online to be sent to your door if that interests you :smiley:

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I’ve bought worms online before and had them delivered via whatever system the sender used and they arrived just fine. I believe I purchased them from somewhere in the Fraser Valley