Is there anywhere in the comox valley that sells red wrigglers? Anyone else vermicompost here with them? I’d love some ideas on keeping temps stable here for them.

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I have a speedy bin and worms seem to be very happy in there. When it’s cold I think they retreat down into the ground (as was the case a few weeks ago). Since the weather has warmed up, they’re back and munching happily away on scraps.

It does seem to be hard to find them locally for purchase. Sometimes people list them for sale on the local gardening Facebook pages….can’t remember which group…sorry!


I have a vermiculture bin and would be happy to share some worms with you. Message me


Thank you so much! I emailed you.

Hello Michelle. In September we went to Raincoast Farms in Merville and purchased a stater kit, they we suposed to contact us regarding courses, but I guess I must try to contact them. Worms are very happy in an old cooler in workshop, but I think the soil is too wet? The phone number is 250-465-8856 or email rainforest


What is a vermiculite bin?

Kevin from epic gardening explains it best! I actually decided to build mine out of wood and wire mesh. It looks like this:

Thanks to June for the starter worms and for the wonderful mini workshop/information! They’re very happy in their new condo inside my insulated shed.