Tulip bulbs containerized

I planted tulips in plastic containers a few years ago. I’ve noticed that they didn’t come up as well this year so I am going through and replanting the containers. I’ve been seeing bulbs that I don’t recognize and wonder what they are. Also, I guess they’ve been propagating because I’ve been finding clusters of bulbs. My question is what are these big white round bulbs (they have rounded tops without the usual top bump and don’t have any shoots coming out) and should I separate them? They have lots of intertwined healthy fine roots and I’m wondering if it’s best to leave them clustered or pull them apart.
Sorry for the bad photo. No they’re not mushrooms. Lol

Do you think they could be allium? Lilies have scales. I was thinking they were tulips only tulips are pointy…they will get those little bulbils on the side when they’re replicating. Maybe let them grow on in a container that’s labelled? Mystery flowers. Yay!

They’re about 4 cm across or bigger than a large tulip bulb. Thanks.