Trouble with my Foxtail Lily

I have two Foxtail Lilies planted in a sunny spot. One of them is flowering beautifully, and the other started to flower but then the stalk started to wither and the entire flower head drooped over. I ended up cutting it off as it was obviously done. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this?

Hi Kim,
That is disappointing. I don’t know what the problem is but a number of my allium “purple sensation” did the same thing this year for the first time. I wondered if it was damage from an underground critter but didn’t get around to digging the bulbs for a closer look.

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I suspect the rainy spring we had effected a lot of plants. Maybe the one the that did ok is in a dryer location? It should be okay next year. I moved one in the early summer last year, totally died back but came up and bloomed this year. It is planted in a dry area.

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I have found that slugs rasp partway up the stem weakening it to the point it bends. Perhaps this happened?

It could have been, I guess! Thanks for the thought, @Majgal