Tree of the Year Contest - Comox Valley Nature

Comox Valley Nature holds an annual “Tree of the Year” contest to identify and highlight individual trees of significant interest or importance or beauty in the Comox Valley. The goal of the contest is to foster a strong connection with nature, increase awareness of cherished local trees, and raise interest in the value and protection of trees.


The nomination phase of the 2022 Tree of the Year event is now starting. Any Comox Valley resident can nominate a tree they love within the Comox Valley Regional District boundaries.

Factors to consider when nominating:

Consider your personal attraction to the tree. Is it beautiful or eye-catching? Is it ecologically or economically important? Does it have a unique history, or is it of cultural significance? Whatever your reason for choosing to nominate a particular tree, we invite you to share its story.

For more information, or to nominate a tree, please use this link: