TOXIC plant; Nandina 'heavenly bamboo' question

I have recently moved and the previous owners left what is a very dead potted Nandina. Looking it up online, I see that it is extremely toxic to cats and birds. I am NOT going to replace it as I have a cat.
My question is ‘can I safely reuse the soil in the pot or should I also bag it, labelling the bad TOXIC, INVASIVE PLANT?’ Thanks Margaret

According to the wiki the only thing to worry about with this plant is the toxic berries. I doubt very much that the soil is anything to worry about. It is not listed as an invasive plant on Vancouver Island, but seems to be invasive in the eastern US. At least that’s according to the Invasive Species Council of BC’s Field Guide to Noxious Weeds.

There is also this interesting discussion on the UBC Botanical Gardens site.

Hi Kim
Thank you for the link to UBC Botanical Garden. My plant tag says Nandina d ‘Moon Bay’ so I am assuming it is a domestica. Only one of the comments mentioned the toxic berries and one other person said they wished they had planted something else. No one seemed to know about reusing some of the soil which I would mix in with new potting soil.
As this is very dead and the pot is lovely, I will dig it out and send it to the landfill. They search for a more patio pot suitable plant. Margaret

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