Tomato salad tonight

Our tomatoes are, for once, ripening at a reasonable pace. Their slow start had us worried, but we’ve been able to both enjoy salads and make sauce for the freezer, without feeling overwhelmed. 8 varieties in picture, all grown from seed, 7 of them saved.


Nice selection, I love it!

Lovely photo. Luscious looking, and wonderful colour combination!

Thank you! We’ve been growing several of these odd varieties for 6 or 7 years now. Instead of sweet 100s or better boys, we favour quirky Berkeley Tie Dye, Santorini, Sandino’s Roma (the latter from seed from a guy named Sandino in Summerland).

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Love the colours! What variety is the large yellow one and the two that appear to be a burnished red-brown. They look wonderful together.

The two burnished brown are Black Oxheart and Berkeley Tie Dye, both REALLY tasty. The Black Oxheart also very prolific.
The yellow one is an unknown variety: a friend gave us a plant 7 years ago and we’ve been growing it ever since.

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