Today's Harvest: plums, tomatoes, cukes

These cherry-plums are not the easiest to deal with, but they are SO tasty and prolific!

The plum tree that these are from is the grown rootstock of what started off as a golden plum. The golden plums were okay, but it eventually died (can’t remember why as it’s been years now). However, the rootstock grew and we left it just to see what we’d get. I’m so happy I did because these little plums are so filled with flavour! However, they are clingstone so not the easiest to deal with. It’s worth it though, in my opinion because they are so tasty. I make jam, cakes, and best of all a cordial. Mmmmmm!


Those plums look good. We have a hybrid plum crossed with a cherry which taste wonderful!

There is a beautiful variety of colourful tomatoes. What varieties are shown?

Ah, the tomatoes are ‘Lunch Bucket’ (those are the smaller round ones, early and very productive), the orange ones are ‘Jubilee heirloom’, and there’s some Beefmaster and Cherokee Purple and some Green Zebra in there too. We don’t really like the Green Zebra but the rest are really nice. Italian plum style still to come!

Everyone is growing such interesting varieties of tomatoes. I was growing quite a few varieties, but this year decided to grow just five. We had been growing Green Zebra. They are such a great colour, but I found that they were getting blossom end root more readily that other varieties. Next year I might try a few that I have heard about on this forum.

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