There’s a New Fertilizer in Town—Wool Pellets!

This is not a typo. Wool, yes, 100% sheep wool compressed into pellets, is now produced locally in the Comox Valley and is available for purchase to be used on your garden.

Wool pellets have an NPK profile average of 9-0-2 along with micro nutrients. The nitrogen slowly releases due to the physical properties of the wool fibers. There are also added benefits of water retention due to wool holding 20 to 30x its own weight in water, weed control when used as mulch because of slow decomposition, and carbon sequestration of up to 50% of the weight of the wool. Some sources claim that wool pellets also help with slug and snail control. And, depending upon the wool market or quality of the wool, ‘waste’ wool is waste no longer.

If you’re interested in learning more, here is a great article from The Ohio State University: 4 Reasons to Introduce Wool into your Garden:

Where to purchase; see Comox Valley Garden Swap and Shop Facebook page and search for Wool+Pellets

Here is the website of the local wool pellet company if anyone is interested: