The Fork of Annihilation


My husband likes to weed… a lot… for hours. I guess he finds it meditative. On the left is his standard weeding tool with completely worn down tines. I looked for the same tool but as with so many items it was sold out. I was sure the newfangled implement would be rejected by its potential new owner, but NO!! — he loves it! “It’s fantastic!. Picks up the whole wee right down to the end of the root.” It’s the truth, I had to sneak into the neighbour’s yard to borrow one of her weeds for the photos!

Love the name you’ve given your weeding tool :two_hearts:! And aren’t you lucky to have a weeding loving husband!

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Fortunate indeed. That tool trial was surprisingly fun! I may go back to that lady’s boulevard and tackle a few more.
(Unfortunately, I can’t go back and correct that typo!) :blush:

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