Suggestions for hedge

Could I get some suggestions for shrubs for a hedge? I want something that will grow to and stay 5-6 feet high or can be pruned to that height. Doesn’t need to be and don’t want it any higher. Exposure is sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.
possibly flowers that smell good or just flowers
possibly berries that are edible or not (if birds like them that’s okay)
no conifers
deciduous or evergreen
hardy and long-lived–won’t crater if we have a particularly bad winter

I’m open to suggestions for something that is not typically used for hedging. It’s along a fence line where there are already a few things growing, but I would like to increase the privacy factor.

Hi there:). I’ve heard that a mixed hedge is so perfect for pollinators. A lot more can be made into a hedge than you’d think and things like climbing roses can climb and romp through shrubs to increase the pollinator friendliness. Things like dogwoods and forsythia, ceanothus (California lilac) make for a beautiful, alternately-flowering display that’s good for everyone! Enjoy!


That’s a really good idea, and suits my random style. Thanks!

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You’re welcome! If you need any more support, just let me know:).

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