Succulent Wreath

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a nut for succulents. This was one of the first wreaths I made by combining the random bits I had. I gave it away to a dear friend who needed more plants in her life. :slight_smile:


That’s gorgeous. What do you use as the structure to hold the wreath together, and is there soil in there too? I’m wondering how long the succulents can live on the wreath, if it has to be taken apart and remade, or what you do that way to maintain it?

Thanks, Kim.
I use a sort of soil and moss ‘burrito’ around a wire frame, then pin and tie the plants in. I have one I’ve had going for several seasons, though they do need re-working, from time to time. Also, they need a lot more water than you’d think to thrive. That being said, I’ve had one on a North side of my house for two years that I’ve never watered and it’s still alive.