Squash from compost?

I am looking for some help. Apparently nearly EVERY squash seed (from what we ate this past winter) has now germinated in my raised vegetable garden, flower pots and flower beds. Lol. Should I let them grow? Transplant them? Or just re-compost them? Thank you!

One year I succumbed to the plea of the squash seeds in the compost bin - big mistake in a small garden. They spread everywhere (even harder to pull them out when they are so big and healthy! The major crop were little decorative pumpkins; we got one edible squash that wasn’t particularly tasty. Our compost bin is currently producing wonderful looking squash starts, but I’m turning them under as soon as I see them, to avoid temptation.


I feel your consternation…just hate to kill a healthy looking start! I have the same problem with little tomato plants. They pop up everywhere here. At least I feel good that they add organics back into the soil.

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Thank you! That is what I thought. lol. The “cull” begins today. :slight_smile: