Spartacus Tree Frogs

We are nominating our numerous tree frogs because they are faithful friends: besides eating garden pests, they croak along to music coming through our doors and windows (they are especially fond of reggae, but then, who isn’t); their propensity for sitting in the prettiest flowers in our garden proves they are classy amphibians.


Fantastic photos! I hope frogs move in to my yard one day.

Yes, and all we have for water is a small gurgler; plus a swale two blocks away.

Those are really stunning photos, of publishable quality,I’m sure. I haven’t seen a tree frog for several years,but they are very cute!

Thanks! I started the season hoping I could get a frog photo in each different dahlia in our garden. Seems we have too many dahlias, but we have a lot of photos, and still several weeks before the dahlias quit.

Wow, you are lucky to have so many tree frogs hanging out in your garden. What’s your secret? Do they just love dahlias?

Fabulous! I wish I could find my choir!

They also inhabit the canna, the berberis, witch hazel, and assorted other spots. I think it must be the number of small insects for them to eat…

We used to have tree frogs. Now it seems as if all we have is bull frogs. Alas!

How lovely! Maybe that’s where our tree frogs went. We used to have a couple. Maybe they needed more friends

And they can be very noisy! But nice to know that they are there for us.

Yes, they sometimes decide to start croaking in the middle of the night!

hi Linda,
it is quite probable that the bullfrogs ate their cousins. they are rapacious eaters

I love the photos of the tree frogs. Would it be OK with you if I used those photos for a virtual garden tour I do for my PROBUS group?

Absolutely. If you need more, let me know.


So love Spartacus Tree Frogs…I have two in my front garden placed there by my granddaughter who is online homeschooling the past two + years ~ she came to the farm in Black Creek to collect tadpoles and then returned the two Spartacus Tree Frogs (to my front garden as it was ‘safer’ than to the nearby drainage ditch on the farm where where she with permission gathered the tadpoles …it was a celebration with two of her cousins present and we celebrated with Timmies donuts and juice…The Spartacus frogs are still around (or their offspring… :slight_smile: …) and have climbed the wall to sit in the open double paned ledge of my dining room window one story up from the little front garden, and then out back similar scene…sitting on the one story up kitchen window…each time I tried to capture them…to return them…each time they jumped out of my nearly closed hand and landed safely on the ground… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I keep sending photo updates to my granddaughter… Query please… How long do Spartacus tree frogs live? Thank you.


So glad you have Pacific Tree Frogs in your garden! The picture (from our garden) was of Pacific Tree Frogs nestled into a large dahlia called « Spartacus ». They seem to love most dahlias, but also hang out in tomato plants, on cucumber plants; this summer we found one in the barbecue!

How long do they live? Well, according to a reasonably reliable website:

This species is very short-lived, with a maximum lifespan of only three years . Pacific Treefrogs are active during the day and night, and they forage in terrestrial habitats for a wide variety of invertebrates, including flies, beetles, wasps, ants, mites spiders, and snails.

In our garden, we have noticed that they like reggae music…


Here is one in my dahlia, he was there for hours, hopefully he likes earwigs.