[SOLD] Pink Phlox - for trade

Would anyone like some pink phlox? I have just dug up a patch of it because I have too much pink. Would love a trade for something else that blooms any other colour than pink! A chicken-feed bag of them, and 3 more large pots to go.

pink phlox

Yes, I would love some! I could trade some Lucifer Crocosmia or irises (purple bicolor, white/purple tall bearded iris) but I’m not sure which Iris plant is which. I also have some other things I could dig up e.g. some orange daylilies, tall white anemones, blue geranium, Iberis, lavender… What are you looking for? Alternately, what would you charge for the phlox?

I would love some tall white anemones and/or some bearded iris. Will send you a private message about it.

Very healthy-looking phlox Kim. No mildew that I can see! I’d love some, but don’t have room right now :disappointed:

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