[SOLD] Gardening books for sale

Moving to the interior so need to part with my treasured books. Some almost new. Open to reasonable offers.

Gilkeson, L, “Backyard Bounty. The complete guide to Year-round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest.” Second edition. (2018). New now $30.00. Sell for $15.00. Excellent condition.

Gilkeson, Linda, “West Coast Gardening. Natural insect, weed & Disease Control” Second edition. (2013). New now $44.00. Sell $25.00. New condition.

Gilkeson, L. “Year-around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast” Second edition. (2010). New now $26.00. $10.00. Well loved.

Brickell & Joyce. “Royal Horticultural Society: Pruning and Training.” Second edition. 2017. Hard cover edition, $40.00. New condition.

Forkner, L. “Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest”. New $24.00 Sell $15.00 New condition.

Like to pass these to fellow Comox Valley gardeners. Jean (250) 830-7488


They’re all spoken for. The tomato lady took them! Woohooo!

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