[SOLD] FREE Black Mondo Grass and Big Root Geranium

We have a bunch of Black Mondo Grass ( Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’) and Big Root Geranium (G. macrorrhizum) to give away. All bare root. Both are deer and rabbit proof.

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interested in some of both- when could I pick up?

Hi, anytime today would be fine or tomorrow afternoon. We’re at 3466 Crown Isle Drive in Courtenay

Hi June, I would also like three of each if you still have some. And I’ll pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

Excellent thank you!
I am working today so can come by tomorrow afternoon about 1pm if that is convenient?

Ok any time after 11am is good

That will be good… come around back if no one answers the door

I would love some of each if you have any left! I can pick up anytime.

I have lots come by anytime today after 11

Good morning. Do you have any black mondo grass left

Yes we do. Come by this afternoon to get some. 3466 Crown Isle Drive

If you have any left over i am sure Darlene’s Garden shed would have room and proceeds go to CVHS.

yes, that is the plan but I need to get some potting soil first

If you still have black mondo grasses available then I would love some as well!?

Yes, please, to black mondo grass if still available

Yes I still have a little that I was going to pot up for Darlene. We’re in the middle of fairly major garden construction now so perhaps by Saturday it would be ok to come around. to get some.

That sounds exciting! I will pop by on Saturday and throw down some extra money at Darlene’s shed when I grab other plants. Much appreciated!

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I’ve left a bag with some Mondo Grass on the front step for you if you still want it

I’ve left a bag of some Mondo Grass for you on the front doorstep

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