Soil for Large Oak Barrel Planters

I have 4 large oak barrel planters and I need soil to fill them - 2 will be for sweet potatoes and 2 will be for squash. I have to buy soil as I don’t have enough here (that I feel would be good enough for potting) and my compost is pretty much used up in my vegetable garden. So my question, what is the best soil to fill the barrels with and can I get the soil at one of the Valley’s landscape/soil companies or is buying pre-mixed packaged soil from a garden centre (or a big box store) the better way to go? Thank you!

I have used these guys for years. The supply good topsoil, mixed with compost and the mix is good for all your garden needs. I order 75%topsoil/25%compost mix for best long term results. The soil will need the regular N, P, K fertilizer as well.


I would concur with the advice above, but also buy a big bag of perlite to add to that mix. Container soils need to be well drained and aerated, and I swear by adding perlite to the mix. Sharkare has the big bags for about $20- Good luck. Sweet potatoes need a long hot growing season. Start them early indoors.