Slug Picker....not pretty

…but it’s effective! And I don’t have to get any of that hard-to-wash-off-icky slime on my fingers. All picker parts are cast offs—small wood bits, old wire, some chain, and a thin piece of plywood wrapped in purple duct tape so I can wipe off the slug slime when necessary. These fine specimens were from this morning’s hunt. I should also mention that, once picked, the slugs are flung over a steep bank never to bother me again…I hope!


Well, slugs do have their place in nature (as do bull frogs, though I have my doubts…). Every spring we do a slug hunt for a couple of days over a period of a week. The first hunt of the season could net us upwards of 800 slugs in one picking, and my wife and I have a competition to see who picks the most slugs! So no fancy sushi plates :grinning: for us, just a big bucket and disposable gloves. Once picked, they go across the creek in the back to enjoy life in the woods. This keeps the number of slugs in our yard down to a small number for the rest off the summer.

We also see the garter snakes eating slugs, and bull frogs too!

800 slugs! That’s crazy. As for a purpose, yes! slugs do a great job of cleaning up detritus…including dog poo. And I love seeing them around anywhere but in my garden! Curious to know what purpose you may think bull frogs serve?

Ha! Yes, well the Great Blue herons eat them (sometimes instead of our fish!) and the garter snakes do as well. Of course the whole reason the bull frogs are here is because of the human palette - go figure!

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