Slug and Earwig Trap

I make slug/earwig traps out of old plastic lidded containers as in photo.
I mix up 1 tsp flour, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp bread yeast, 1 cup water in a jar and pour some in the bottom of the traps. Empty and refill as needed.
Works like a hot damn, cheaper than beer.
I’m going to put them out early this year before my Dahlias go in to the garden.


The photo didn’t come through and when I clicked on the link and it asked if I wanted it to download nothing happened. Could you try again please as I really want to see what you have done.

Hope this works

Thank you! I will try it in the next couple of days.

Let me know how you did. I just checked mine and they are loaded with little guys. I decided to start early with them this year instead of after I plant my Dahlias which are a slug buffet.

I love the trap. We do a slug fest every Spring, where we go out for a week most mornings and pick slugs. Between Linda and I we can get several hundred slugs everyday, some days we pick nearly 1,000 slugs! Once we are done, we do not have a slug problem for the rest of the summer.

Gordon, yuck. That is kinda gross. 1000??? Sheesh. I have used the slug bait that Rhodo posted and it works great. Thank you very much for sharing.