Skyrocket Compost top dressing

Hello fellow gardeners. I’m beginning to prep my perennial beds and start clean up. Hoping to do a quality top dressing to amend my soil this spring. Does anyone have any experiences (negative or positive) with this product available at our waste facility? My raised veggie beds are nutrient rich, but after 3 years, I fear my 3 year old landscaped gardens are a bit nutrient depleted and am looking for something to add to other nutrients (Organic) that I will use as needed by specific plants.

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I believe because the Skyrocket Blend is produced from our waste water treatment facility, it cannot be considered organic (you mentioned you were looking for organic). I know there’s a fair bit of controversy on this subject and findings are not conclusive. There is lots of information here…maybe too much! Biosolids in B.C. - Province of British Columbia

I haven’t used the Skyrocket blend myself so can’t comment on how good it is.

I’ve had good success using Black Gold’s Fish Compost in the past
Comox Valley Compost - Black Gold Landscaping Supply. It’s been two years since I’ve bought it and I’m a little shocked at the price of it now. Also I’ve heard from various gardening forums that people don’t like compost produced from farmed fish so I guess there’s another controversial thing to think about.

I would love to know what other people are using for their garden beds (particularly their vegetable beds).

For everyone’s info, CVHS members get a 10% discount on landscaping materials at Vancouver Island Enterprises. They have organic compost.


I have used the Sky Rocket compost for the past 9 years on my flowering plants, shrubs, perennials, annuals and top up for containers (no edibles). It is my Spring amendment which goes right on top of the chopped leaves I put down in the Fall (after weeding of course). One year I splurged and got the Sea Soil (Fish Compost) but found it too oily and crusty so went back to Sky Rocket.

I got a trailer load in April and I love it!!!

It’s been blended with a lot of shredded bark, etc so it’s light and adds lots of organic matter as well as the nutrients. Plus it’s only $15 and you get a ton so it’s a great deal.

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If you are concerned about having organic compost you absolutely won’t want to use the fish compost. The food they fed the farmed fish is highly laced with antibiotics and other fish-disease-fighting compounds. I wouldn’t eat the farmed fish, and I wouldn’t use the compost made from them either. The reason they are made into compost is because huge numbers of them die from sea lice and viruses.

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