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I am looking for suggestions about a ground cover. We just had some old stumps removed in the back of our property, this has left a large area of uncovered loose ground for the winter rains. Wondering if anyone could suggest a seeded ground cover that would grow now? The area borders a forest, so we wouldn’t want any ground cover that would invade the native forest. It would also be nice if it was beneficial for the pollinators and easy to care for in the spring.

Thanks for your help.

I would suggest putting in small native plants along with 3 - 4 inches of mulch. Try checking with Streambank Native plant nursery

Good suggestion. The seeded plant would spread to the forest. We’ll probably mulch now and plant in the spring.

West Coast Seeds has a great selection of ground cover seeds along with some really good information. They also list exactly what is in the seed mix so you don’t get any plants (I.e. invasives) that you aren’t expecting. I personally thought it would be too late to spread seed now, but at least one of the ground cover seeds I looked at said you could spread seed in the Autumn (not the one I show below)

Here’s a list of the plants that are included in the Beneficial Insect Wildflower blend that sounds good:

|Baby Blue-Eyes|Nemophila menziesii|
|Bishop’s Flower|Ammi majus|
|Black-Eyed Susan|Rudbeckia hirta|
|California Poppy|Eschscholzia californica|
|Candytuft|Iberis umbellata|
|Cilantro|Coriandrum sativum|
|Cosmos|Cosmos spp.|
|Fennel|Foeniculum vulgare|
|Gayfeather|Liatris spicata|
|Globe Gilia|Gilia capitata|
|Lance-Leaf Coreopsis|Coreopsis lanceolata|
|Purple Prairie Clover|Dalea purpurea|
|Shasta Daisy|Chrysanthemum maximum|
|Siberian Wallflower|Cheiranthus allionii|
|Sweet Alyssum|Lobularia maritima|
|Wild Bergamot|Monarda fistulosa|

This blend was designed to include the maximum number of flowers known to attract pollinators and predatory insects that feed on pest species. For instance, dill is attractive to lacewings, ladybird beetles, and the tiny parasitoid wasps that kill aphids. The purpose of this mix is to increase the biodiversity in your garden and take advantage of naturally occurring food pyramids to control pest insects and improve pollination at the same time. The ideal time to plant wildflower seeds is March to April.

Here’s a link to the above West Coast Seeds Beneficial Insect Seeds:

To see what else they have, search for alternative lawns, bee turf, cover crops or wildflower. Good luck!

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Great, Thank you.
Really good information. We’ll plan out the area this winter, maybe with a couple surrounding no dig beneficial flower beds. I’ll check out the wildflower blends for early spring🌼. We could create some kind a natural border before the native forest so the wildflowers can still have a place.
Appreciate the information :relaxed:

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