Red dwarf Heavenly Bamboo

I am wondering if anyone know where I can purchase a Red colour dwarf Heavenly Bamboo shrub or harvest several cuttings to start my own.
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I know there are several specialty bamboo nursery’s on the mainland, and one in Victoria, that may have what you are looking for. Here are a few to try:

We have a bamboo forest in our back field, a great source of garden stakes!

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Heavenly bamboo, or “Nandina domestica” is actually not a bamboo, but is called that because of its airy texture.

I think several local nurseries carry Nandina domestica plants, but don’t know about this specific type. Canadian Tire carries quite small nandinas that are economical to purchase.

Gordon, what kind do you have in your backyard. My husband really wants me to plant some. Will they grow under douglas firs, along a fence?


We have two types, one that is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter and grows to about 5’. The other is very large, growing perhaps 15’ to 20’ tall with 2" to 4" diameter stocks. They are growing under a big French Pussy Willow tree, and the ground is very wet in the winter, but they seem to survive. I do not know the varieties as they were here when we purchased the place in 2011.

The problem with bamboo is that it is very invasive, and will grow through retaining walls, foundations, etc. You need to be very careful where you plant it. You could try growing them in containers, but you will have to watch the root growth.

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Hello John. I bought 2 different miniature Nandina here last year, one with a lot of red and one with yellow orange and red. They are quite lovely. Sometimes you can get them at Art Knapp’s and Anderton nursery, 1 year both Superstore and Home Depot had them, probably even Canadian Tire. But they don’t always have them so you just have to do the rounds. There is Outback as well, I’m pretty sure I saw some there last weekend

Outback Nursery definitely grows them. They are open weekends, daily after March 1.

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