Recommendations for Landscaper?

We’ve been admiring this front yard for a while, in particular the rock mix. We asked the homeowner who did it, and found out he did it himself :grinning:. We are getting info from him as to where he got the materials, but now we are looking for someone to do the work. It would involve removing sod, laying down a rock mix like this, planting some low evergreens, and working with the person who does our irrigation. Any recommendations from members who have worked with someone?

rock mix-1

We have worked with Kevin Kaetler from Strate Scapes. They did an excellent job. As far as I know he is very busy.

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I had Kevin do a front patio for me, including excavation of soil and putting in the patio stones. He and his crew did a great job. I’m not sure if they do plantings and installing irrigation but no harm asking.