Rat proof composter bin

Looking to buy something that the rats can’t get in…anyone have a brand that works well??

We have one of those barrels on an A frame. It definitely keeps the rats out, but we have trouble getting it to make compost as opposed to “worm mud”. It always seems to be too wet. That may be because we don’t put the correct mix of stuff in.

We are having better luck with a metal garbage can with some holes drilled for air to get in.

Speedibin does this:

I’ve not tried these myself, but have a friend who is happy with hers. Not cheap, but they are a local company.


I have used a Speedibin for 4+ years and it is great (worth the cost as it doesn’t warp like the “Darth Vader” black 2 piece ones). Rat proof and makes brilliant compost. Easy to dig out when you remove the front panel or from the top. The worms are happy too

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We have one of those and they definitely keep the rats out. No magic to them, just metal all around with holes where they need to be, and a strong grated bottom. They do, however, not keep the bears out! We had a bear get into ours out here in Black Creek. My husband was able to bend it back into shape and put it back together.

Yes, the speedy is it.

Yup, we’ve had ours for 7-8 years; not only does it keep rats out, it creates a ton of compost. Right now, because I’m adding so much green stuff, I’m also adding shredded paper to keep it balanced. Worms are really happy; I don’t need any compost right now, but could harvest 6-7 large buckets without a problem.
There are a few different Soeedibin models; and he new one vey attractive, but I expect outrs will last another 10-15 years.

Thank you! Yes my friends have this one and another problem is it doesn’t hold much.

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Sounds like the winner!

Will start looking for a used one…or bite the bullet and buy new…thanks to all of you for replying!

The Speedibin holds a fair amount, but we also keep a number of other wire cage composts just for garden material. All of the kitchen compost usually goes into the Speedibin though.