Rain collection barrels for sale

For sale two plastic rain collection barrels (plus another available at the end of the month when my gutter has been repaired). These are 34" high with a radius of 14". Online calculator estimates they contain 22.5 gallons each (85.8 litres). Screen mechanism to keep leaf litter out at top of barrel. There are hose connections for the barrels for filling all three of them from one water source. Well over $100.00 each when new. They still work well with no leaks or problems. Approximately 8 years old. Make me an offer if you are interested.
As of today the third barrel is available. It is a shame not to see them used.

@jgunderson644 would it be possible for you to show a photo of the rain barrels? I might be interested but a photo or photos would be very helpful.

Thank you!

Regarding rain barrels: Unfortunately, I am away from home until early December so cannot send a photo of the barrels until then. Will post as soon as I can. Jean

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