Raccoons are tearing up my new sod!

Anyone got a good solution to keep raccoons from ripping up my newly laid sod? We also have dogs, so nothing that could hurt or harm them either, please.

A friend of mine used a ‘scarecrow’ water sprinkler to keep the pests away from his yard. It is motion activated and swings around and directs a heavy spray directly at the pest, which scares it away. It works night and day. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that my friend had installed the system the first time I visited and wandered into his garden. Sure scared me away!

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Hi, I found this article in a google search.

Perhaps use deer fence netting on top of sod and stake it to keep it down. Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. The issues I see with it are 1. You have to move it all the time, which means that it may not be where they are ripping up the sod and 2. You have to have it attached to a hose with water on. I was hoping for a one and done solution.

Since posting this, I have decided on an innovative approach. I have saved the clippings from my Rosa Rogusa earlier this year and have nailed them to the top, flat part of our fence. The thought is that they have to climb over or walk along the top of the fence to get into the yard. I am hoping the thorny clippings will not meet with delight on their sensitive paws. Time will tell who is smarter - me or the raccoons … put your money down on Rocky, I think. :confounded:

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Hi Likes_birds! (love your screen name, BTW). So the soap idea, while I think is a good one, would not work for someone with dogs. I have a nine month old puppy who is likely to come into the house blowing bubbles and off to the vet soon thereafter!

I think the fence netting might work, but, so far, so good. Rocky and friends (neighbors have concluded there are 3 of them - calling them the 3 Amigos - after one was trapped and relocated) have not been back since. Either the rose clippings have worked or they did not find what they wanted and have moved on. Who knew I would be such a “not in my backyard” person :laughing:

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