Question About Your Tomato Growing Experience

Hi All: For a talk later in the year on tomatoes for the club, I’d like to get some information from some of our club growers of tomatoes (previous years).

Could you kindly tell me what varieties you have grown and A) were you happy with them or B) were you not happy with them. And why.

Did you have any specific problems with a specific variety? I’m compiling some statistics and making charts for the talk. You can answer here or email me directly at cynthia7white @ Thanks. Take the 2 extra spaces out of the email address to use it.

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I like Juliet tomatoes. They seem to be reliable and the size is perfect for snacking - although we use most of them for bruschetta :yum:

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I bought a pot of grape tomatoes from Costco in 2019 and we loved them so much that we saved the seed. Every year since, we’ve had an excellent crop of grape tomatoes (2022 will be the 4th year). I do save fresh seeds every year (so have seeds saved from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) but every year plant a couple seeds from each year’s saved seeds (I plant about 6 plants). I don’t notice any difference (yet) between the saved seeds.

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Hi Lorna: Thanks for your reply. How big does this grape tomato plant get? Is it determinate or indeterminate? Do you know the variety? Thank you

Hi there: Thanks for the info. I’ll look up Juliet. Do you can a lot of bruschetta? Thanks, Cynthia

Hi there! It’s indeterminate, and I’m afraid I don’t know the variety. It was just sold as a grape tomato. I tip it in early September and at that point the plants are usually about 6 feet tall. Hope that’s the info you’re looking for!

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Yes, ma’am, that’s perfect. Thank you.

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P.S. I’m working hard on my presentation. If anyone has any nice photos of tomatoes or tomato plants that I could use in the presentation (and give you credit for) email them to me.

Also, if anyone has any special tomato-related info that you would like to me to include, tell me now!
Thank you

We like a variety of tomatoes, but one in particular we always like to include in the garden is Black Krim. They are a very tasty, beefsteak type heirloom variety that is indeterminate, and seems to grow well in our unheated greenhouse and not too badly outside as well.

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Hi Cynthia, I found a photo from last year you can use if you like. The bowl on the top left are the last of the grape tomatoes, picked mid September I believe. The other bowl contains romas and I can’t remember what else.


Nice photo. Did you grow the peppers and carrots, too?

I did! Those are actually all various types of hot peppers. I let them dry and use them as needed. The carrots stayed in the ground over winter :slight_smile:

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