Puck, my precious garden companion

Introducing Puck, an orange tabby who for sixteen years was my constant companion in the garden. He loved the garden and except during winter it was his hangout.
Mischievous as his name suggests, he made weeding a challenge. He would plunk himself down nearby when I was weeding and proceed to attack my hand. He could source out the tiniest catnip seedling, thus becoming more energetic in attacking moving fingers. He was a happy cat who liked climbing the apple tree, chasing cabbage moths or just snoozing in the garden. I miss his companionship.


What a sweetheart! :two_hearts:

A nice photo to have as a reminder of your gardening companion.

So this is the famous Puck. He looks very content here. It’s a wonderful thing to have feline companionship in the garden. Our Benjamin loves to help me pick beans.