Prunus Persica 'Coconut Ice' Peach Tree

Does anyone have a Coconut Ice Peach Tree? I bought mine last year, bare root, and put it straight into one of those huge black utility nursery planters filled with regular mulch. Miraculously, it’s doing fine (I’m watering it a lot - I read it needs tons of water), and will plant this Fall. We were told to plant it right next to the house or an outbuilding - not sure why - wondering if it’s brittle and needs sheltering from the wind. Any planting advice appreciated. Thank you. Kathy Bruce

This is from “Minter’s Country Garden” website: “Try planting where they’ll have a bit of overhead protection (i.e. under a house eave) to prevent peach-leaf curl, which is caused by excess moisture on the leaves. Spraying with fixed copper will help prevent peach leaf curl too. Generally ripen in August to early September.” This is why peaches are often planted under eaves. It does seem to help.