Pruning Question

I wanted to ask Brian about pruning a large acer griseum maple. It’s extremely healthy and of course, very beautiful. It really needs three branches removed. Not sure about timing on pruning males. Also, would be happy to employ a specialist who knows Naples, to do the job.
Any thoughts out there?

I’ve been very pleased with the knowledge and skill of the guys at Grow Tree Care in Courtenay. They have about 7 arborists and specialists on staff. I’d highly recommend them.

Winter and Spring are not the time to remove branches on a maple, they will bleed a lot (we take the sap from the maples in Winter to make maple syrup). Let the leaves come out and harden off (meaning they are not young and still tender, rather “hardened”). This will be about August, then you can remove branches as this is also a dormant time of the year.

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