Pruning fruit tree

I am looking for someone to prune a Dutch Cooking Pear tree. We have had this tree professionally pruned for the last few years but unfortunately the pruners are no longer offering this service. If you, or you know of someone, who would be willing to take on this task please contact me at
Thanks so much

Grow Tree Care are professional arborists, and offer a 10% discount to CVHS members too (Members to show their membership card to the arborist who provides the work/cost proposal before work is begun.) Have a look here:

There is a guy from the Comox Valley who can prune fruit trees. He does not advertise for work as he is know to the local population.
His name is Stephen Cochrane phone number 250-792-2279. Stephen has pruned fruit trees for a friend of mine. He is very knowledgable when it comes to fruit trees and has an Arborist certificate. I would have posted this sooner but I needed to ask if it was alright to give out his name and phone number.
Cheers, Tess

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