Presentations for Upcoming Meetings

Hi All:

This is just a friendly reminder that if any of our members would like to do a presentation for our group, just contact me. I can even help you put something together or find a topic or help you with PowerPoint. Or both. You don’t have to be a botanist. If you’re passionate about something related to horticulture, we are happy to hear what you have to share. You can private message me here on the forum or email me cynthia7white at gmail dot com. :slight_smile:

I also welcome suggestions for speakers. A few people have contacted me and made suggestions, and I explore every one of them. Sometimes the person is already booked way ahead and sometimes they are too expensive to hire or say no. But I do welcome suggestions.

Hi Cynthia…am sure you probably have seen some good suggestions re guest speakers…not sure how busy Harry Burton of Apple Luscious Orchards…(organic) on Saltspring is…but he would make an awesome guest speaker on all things organic in the Apple world…very knowledgeable…came years back…to speak to CVHS…I caught that meeting…and he was so very interesting on all things apple orchards…and growing apples… Here is his link…he is busy re the Apple Festival in early October on Saltspring… Hope this helps…he can teach a lot about growing apples organically…and also on grafting/pruning techniques… Anything re winter gardening with Linda Gilkeson…also lives on Saltspring…I took her workshop over there on Winter gardening…we could do this more in the Comox Valley…given her expertise and knowledge…another excellent speaker /contact re winter gardening…I live in Black Creek and would love to try this following her books…which she has several…in the library… Thanks… Donna M. Dodds


Linda Gilkeson’s site… and she has written several great gardening books…some on winter gardening…hope this helps… Donna M. Dodds (Use to be Co-in-Charge of Filberg Herb Gardening…after studying two years under the Co-in-Charge Volunteer CVHS gardening committee for same… Best, Donna

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Thank you very much for replying, Donna. I will look into Harry Burton, and also look into more of what Linda could cover.

For the sake of transparency, I just want to let members know that speakers are currently booked through 2023. I am booking into 2024. Yay! So, please continue to offer suggestions for speakers or offer to speak yourself if there is something that you are passionate about related to horticulture. I will be happy to add you to the schedule.