Potatoe listing in plant guide

Hmmmm what would potatoes be under in the planting guide. I have looked at a few charts and.I’ve found all the other veggies I wanted (had to look up a couple of names thinking that they may be another name for potatoes, but noooo)

Not sure what planting guide you are referring to. Here is a blog on growing potatoes from west coast seeds https://www.westcoastseeds.com/blogs/garden-wisdom/planting-potatoes . Potatoes are cold weather growers, so you can plant them when the risk of hard frost is gone. I have planted them in late March and early April here with no problems. I have also planted them as late as late June and had a successful harvest. This year will be a June planting for me.

Good Luck!

Yes, I’ve looked on those as well…it’s just odd that I never see potatoe anywhere…I even put my glasses on ha! Thanks for the link and taking the time.