Plant ID Request (see pics)

This plant came with the house when I bought it. Blooming now, pink flowers, a bit like Dianthus? Does anyone know what it is and where I can get some more? Thanks a bunch.

A friend in Victoria thinks it is Lychnis viscaria.

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Perhaps clarkia elegans (double flower)?

I also have this plant. Quite a special one! I have grown mine,given to me from Mary Carter. You friend is correct Lychnis viscaria. Mine hasn’t reseeded. I have just let the clump grow and it continue to flower for a long time. I almost dug all of it out one year thinking it was a similar looking weed.Luckily missed some and it regrew. I havent seen it for sale. Mary used to grow many unusual plants so am grateful to have this one.!Move photo to the right to see image of My plant image|666x500