Plant ID confirmation - Deutzia Rosea?

My plant ID app (PlantSnap) told me that the plant in the photo is a Deutzia Rosea, or a Yuki Cherry Blossom. I’ve never heard of this plant and the pictures returned aren’t quite a match. Wondering if anyone out there can confirm? It’s a real beauty—care free, zero problems and produces blooms like mad this time of year.

Hi, yes your plant is a deutzia, Yuki Cherry Blossom. I have one in a planter and it’s absolutely gorgeous when it blooms in spring. FYI, I took a few cuttings last year, and two of them rooted and are blooming now.


Thank you! I would love to spread this beauty around our garden. Any tricks you can pass on re: taking cuttings etc. would be most appreciated.

I didn’t do anything special, just took 3 -4" cuttings, stripped off lower leaves, dipped in rooting powder and stuck in soil. They grew quite a bit over the summer last year. Some plants just seem to be really easy to propagate, or else I’m just lucky🌻

I’ll definitely give that a try…thanks!