Plant disease identification apps

Are there any, good, preferably free plant disease identification apps out there? Would like to know about them for androit phone.

Thanks, Marjan

Hi all …. Just sharing some pics of my garden and a question or two! In spite of this heat my garden seems to be doing great guns with very little pest visits …… and I have a question about the tomato beefsteak variety ‘ponderosa pink’ …. their size and production is scaring me (not really) and I am not sure when they can be picked since they are pinkish and not red. I picked one as it had a crack and it wasn’t quite there but delicious! I understand that the leaf type doesn’t protect against some elements thus the potential for cracks. I am watching closely!

I also have some cucamelon and for the first time and the packet says ‘size of your palm’ so not sure when they are ready to pick. Mine are smaller - in the pic they are about an inch long - and I am itching to try one.

Zucchini are going crazy, neighbour’s are closing their blinds and locking their doors …… but my trombocchino are so fun and my granddaughter has been trumpeting from garden to house.

My garden was planted for visits by my little one with paths and a small corn maze, a gnome bean tent …and winding paths that lead to yummy peas and blueberries. Such fun and we also get goodies to enjoy!

Sending daily messages to the rain gods as I hope you are too!

Thanks for sharing your photos. Your garden looks lovely.
I planted cucamelon for the second year and mine grow to be about an inch or two long. They seem to be slow to get going, and then are very prolific. I often snack on them when I’m in the garden. I think yours are ready to try!

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Your tomatoes look so delicious!!

So, tiny corn mazes and the like, when can the CVHS film crew come in and do a show? :slight_smile: