Permanent Markers

Hello fellow gardeners,
Last year I found 12 x 10" aluminum markers at Art Knapp’s. I painstakenly wrote out all the names of the new plants I had planted on plant tags, as this is a new garden I have started. In the spring of this year only the aluminum markers still had the names on them.
I tried to buy them again but could not, so I did some research. The company that makes these markers is located in Ontario. This is a very small company owned by a couple.
This year I have started a journal with plant zones and a map :wink: I’m learning.
They sell online and I have ordered 3", 6". I hope this helps anyone who is looking for permanent markers.

From the Permastake Website:
Our product is a weatherproof aluminum garden marker that solves many garden problems. A family run manufacturing business for over 20 years, the permastake identifies plants, trees, and shrubs with reliable, reusable and sustainable performance year after year .
The durable metal material makes it hard to bend and immune to rust.

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Wow, those are beautiful…thx for sharing. I’ve put them on my Christmas wish list!

Lorna, your most welcome.

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