Peach tree seeping yellow slime

Our peach tree must be around 12 years old. In the winter it has some slime oozing from some areas of the tree. It produces good peaches.

Should I treat this?

Hi , If it looks thick and amberish it might be bacterial canker, which often infects stone fruit trees. It is quite common and can usually be controlled when caught early. Prune out branches at least a foot below the seeping area and clean tools between cuts. Lysol and a clean cloth work. Now is a good time to prune. Dispose of all diseased material in the garbage, not compost. Do not let it rest on the ground.

Here is a nice link with more details.

Also give your tree the best growing conditions you can. Overhead protection from winter rain and wind are useful, and some people say essential in our climate. You can build clear awnings over the tree.


how do you tell between canker and Gummosis? Our (small) cherry had an ooze which solidified into almost clear amber lumps, which I managed to trim out.

Thanks. Unfortunately it is a very large main branch and it has hit the ground the last few years. The tree may be slowly dying but still produces nice fruit.