Our Favourite Tool: The Hookoe

This tool doesn’t look like much, but it serves numerous purposes - it’s great for:

  • weeding quickly and effortlessly
  • creating shallow trenches for planting seeds
  • providing an easy way to level a row of seeds post planting.

The reason the hookoe works so well for weeding is that it seems to catch the roots with minimal ground disturbance, flipping them out of the soil. It’s much quicker and more effective than hand weeding.
We bought our hookoe at an agricultural fair in Reefton, New Zealand five years ago. The fair was memorable because of its sheep shearing and logger sports; the tool was a useful souvenir of the day. Little did we know how invaluable it would prove (although its inventor promised us we would love it).


I would love one of these…I’m using a crevice tool now for picking weeds that have deep roots. It works quite well but sometimes slices off the roots instead of pulling them. If you ever find them a available locally I’d appreciated hearing about it!