Organic Garden Vegetable Bounty

I have started each of these from seed, some direct sown and others nurtured as transplants. The Golden Beet, Purple Beauty Pepper and Seed Savers Italian Heirloom tomato are new varieties for me this year. Scarlet Runner beans,Sungold,Ultra Girl,Rutgers, Paul Robeson and Ardwyna Paste Tomatoes, Dark Green Zucchini ,scarlet blossom Broad beans,Avalanche Snow Peas, Nantes Half long Carrots and Russian Garlic are yearly grown favorites.


The dark Purple Beauty Pepper is impressive. I tried, without success, to grown them last year. Not sure what went wrong; all the other peppers were fine. Seeing yours makes me think that I should try them again.

It’s so exciting to see this beautiful bounty started from seed. Maybe this winter we should have a seed start photo exhibition. Without a greenhouse, we commandeer a corner of the guest room (not an issue this past spring…)

Nice arrangement Connie. Do you have much of a problem with Blossom End Rot this year,especially on the paste-type tomatoes?

I have more blossom end rot this year. Interestingly enough it is on my cherry tomatoes rather than the larger tomatoes. None so far on the Amish Paste or Caiman.

Surprisingly I haven’t had any so far but have had an issue with sun scald on my earliest ripening paste. I think removing bottom leaves right around the time we had intense sun wasn’t a good idea.

I am growing it in a container under a plastic greenhouse. First time growing this variety and very pleased.


Connie, those peppers are beautiful! Bravo!

Thank you. Definitely growing them again